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He had a score to settle with Antipas and probably enjoyed every moment he delayed moving against Aretas. The problem, as it applies to your chronology, is Aretas was never pushed back by the Romans. Whether he left voluntarily or at the demand of Rome was probably of no real consequence to him, since his dispute was mainly with Antipas. Vitellius probably secretly supported Aretas, because of his own dispute with Antipas. Every day that he was not ordered to remove Aretas was a day of satisfaction in that he was not compelled to dating of pauls conversion Antipas, whom he viewed as a personal enemy. The Jews were on the brink of war with Rome. They ceased perusing the Hellenistic Jewish believers in Jesus because this was a much more important matter to them.

The Bible is replete with dating of pauls conversion of where an event is recorded multiple times. Sometimes the repetition will be by different writers, as in the case of certain narratives in the books of Kings and Chronicles, or in the Gospel records. At other times a single writer may repeat the record of an event for the sake of a slightly different point of emphasis. Chapters 1 and 2 in Genesis are an example of such. In Acts, chapters 10 and 11, there are two accounts of the conversion of the Roman centurion, Cornelius. This repetition has puzzled some Bible students. Others, searching for flaws in the sacred Scriptures, contend that the repetition is superfluous and contradictory, and thus constitutes evidence against the inspiration of the sacred narrative.

Jump to navigation. Chronology is the study of the sequence of events in an historical text, and the comparison of those events with other known events from other sources. The Bible is an historical document, and part of assessing the value of any historical narrative is the study of Chronology. When events in the Bible line up with known dates confirmed outside the Bible, is suggests a high level of reliability in the biblical text.
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dating of pauls conversion

dating of pauls conversion

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